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I was going back from college to home during the vacations. Long
arduous train journey, took almost two and a half days. The only
consolation was an occasional sexy woman who could possibly be in my
coach, whom I could think about and jerk off. Other than that it was
mainly a fucked up trip with crying and screaming kids, bullshit being
passed back and forth among other passengers. As I boarded the train,
I was hoping to have at least one babe in the same coach or the trip
would be even more fucked than it already was. Never in my wildest
dreams, did I imagine what would happen. But it happened all right, it
happened and made train journeys all the more interesting and worth
looking forward to from them on. It was a bad day to start a trip, hot
and humid with the smell of rain in the air, but no fucking rain, not
a drop anywhere to cool things off. Fortunately I was in the AC coach,
at least for part of the way, then in a two seat first class coupe.
Man that would be a real pain.

Anyways the train started on time and the trip was on. After about an
hour at a stop a couple got on. The man was kind of ok looking but
that was none of my concern anyway. The wife however was another thing
altogether. Her face was average looking but her body, man her body
was hotter than Jodhpur in summer. Nice, round boobs, the blouse
hardly able to contain them, slim waist and a beautiful round ass,
that swayed from side to side as she walked. Was probably a 36-25-36.
My mouth and dick watered at the thought of those boobs in my hands,
being rolled around in it, mashed by it, nipples pinched. As soon as
they came in, the cool air of the AC made her nipples stand up, and
she had long hard ones, poking out of her blouse. I just wanted to
grab her right then and there and take a nipple in my mouth, suck at
it, bite it and pull it. But that would have to wait for the time
being, I had to look for the right time and opportunity to do what I
wanted to do. They were like any other normal couple on the train.
Sitting on their berth, aloof and talking among themselves only. I was
sipping my ThumsUp staring at the woman, taking in the contours of her
body, dreaming of what I would do to it as and when I got my chance.
For a moment she caught me staring at her and our eyes met, the lust
showing in mine. She probably figured that I was undressing her with
my eyes and averted hers. My eyes moved down mesmerized at the breasts
heaving with every breath.

As the night wore on, the man eventually slept on the upper berth
leaving the wife on the lower berth. She lay down, but I think was
unable to sleep as she turned over and over again. Finally much later,
at around 1 am she got up possibly to go to the bathroom. I being a
nocturnal being was wide-awake, so I decided to follow her. She went
down the aisle to the bathroom, fortunately one bathroom had a faulty
lock and the other was dirty, so she decided to go to the next coach
looking for a decent empty bathroom. I dutifully followed, remaining a
bit behind her my eyes following the sway of the ass. She opened the
door to the bathroom and started to step in. I saw my chance and
grabbed her by the waist, pushing her in and locking the door. A muted
scream escaped her lips, and she turned her face looking at me. Fear
and surprise was written all over her face, eyes wide open, full
luscious lips forming an o of a scream lost in the loud clacking of
the train.

I pushed her back up against the wall and exerted the full weight of
my body in her, feeling the swell of the breasts on my chest. Her
nipples poking through three layers of cloth and making their presence
felt on my chest. The surprise had subsided and fear had taken over.
She wriggled and pushed, whimpering please, no. I pulled out my knife,
though small was good enough. Her eyes widened and lips clamped, no
matter soon they would be clamped around my rock hard dick. I grabbed
her hands, pulled them over her head, took her pallu and tied them to
the hook on the wall. She was wringing her hands trying to loose the
knot, faint grunts of effort coming from her lips. I watched the boobs
go up and down with every breath and couldn't resist them anymore. So
I grabbed one in my hand, and pressed it hard, taking the other in my
mouth (still in the blouse) and trying to suck in as much of it as I
could. She reacted violently trying to twist and turn away from my
mouth, whimpering to let her go.
I chewed on that tit for some time while cupping, pressing, pulling,
pinching the other as she wriggled and writhed in my grasp,
occasionally letting out a small scream if my fingers had been too
hard on her tits. I pulled her sari to her waist and grabbed a thigh
in one hand, rubbing it, pressing it, feeling the soft flesh tremble
under my hand. She was shivering all over, from fear or expectation, I
couldn't tell. I grabbed an ankle and tied it with my handkerchief to
the tap on the basin. She twisted and squirmed all over again trying
to loose the binds. It was a sight, seeing her in her blouse, barely
able to hold in those trembling tits, her legs parted to allow a peek
at her bush. I slid my knife over one of her tits, slowly from one end
to the other, her eyes following it fearfully, unmindful of my fingers
circling around her nipple on the other. I started unbuttoning the
blouse slowly. She mouthed silent nos. I pushed the blouse to the side
and unhooked her bra pushing them right up to her tied wrists. Her
boobs almost burst free, jiggling with each movement of the train. I
just grabbed them in my hands and started playing with them. She
started another round of writhing around, jerking to get away moaning
and grunting, shaking her head wildly.

Leaving a tit alone, my hand traveled south, feeling her soft, smooth
skin on the way to her pussy. She jerked as if a snake had crawled
over her skin. My palms felt each and every inch of her smooth skin on
her stomach as they tickled their way along to the magic triangle. As
I pinched her clit, she literally jumped almost freeing herself, a
sigh and a moan stuck in her throat. I shoved two of my fingers into
her cunt roughly as my thumb started rubbing her clit really hard. She
tried to close her parted legs, turning this way and that to get my
fingers out. I took a tit in my mouth and bit down on it, my one hand
pressing, playing with her other tit, my fingers down below, wet and
flashing in and out of her cunt, while the thumb rubbed harder and
deeper at her clit. She was moaning, her face trying to impossibly
show anger, fear and pleasure at the same time. The small bathroom
resounded with sounds of moans, grunts and whimpers, my wet fingers
sloshing in and out her cunt, my tongue lapping up her long nipple. My
dick was harder than a metal rod and bursting out of my jeans. It was
time, she realized that and literally screamed a no, I realized what
was coming and clamped my hand around her mouth. I took out my dick
and slapped her cunt with it. She was shaking her head hard to get my
hand off, fear and excitement in her eyes. As I grabbed her ass from
behind to stabilize her for entry was pushed off me, twisting her cunt
hole so I couldn't get direct access. I nudged her pussy with the head
of my cock, held her ass more tightly and as shook her head and tried
to wriggle out my grasp, slammed my dick in, all the way up to the
hilt. A scream muted by my hand escaped her mouth, her body arched,
and ass tight against the wall as she tried to move away from the
violating dick.

I stayed in a little bit, without moving, feeling the tightness of her
cunt as her pussy walls closed in on my cock, the wet warmth of her
insides making me harder. I grabbed her ass cheek in one hand, a tit
in the other and started hammering her. She had pretty much resigned
to her violation and grimaced with my thrusts. She was shaking as I
rammed it in again and again, my dick shiny with her juices, the
bathroom filled with grunts, groans and moans, as I exerted harder and
harder, pushing my dick in deeper with every thrust. My hand kneading
her tit and ass. In spite of herself and her position I could see that
she was gonna come and quickened my pace, pumping in and out even
harder. I could see her raw hatred in her eyes as she realized what my
hammering was doing to her. She didn't want to come but couldn't help
it. As she came I pinched her nipple real hard. Yin and yang, pain and
pleasure, heighten each other at the moment of climax. She couldn't
help but scream. Fortunately trains are noisy enough to cover up
almost everything.

I pulled out; the sounds of our tortured gasp resonating in the small
enclosure. I untied her leg, unhooked her tied hands and made her
kneel. Pulled off my condom and ordered her to open her mouth.
Hesitatingly she did, what else could she do. I grabbed her hair,
pulled off my condom and pushed my dick down her throat. She gagged.
Holding her hands above her head, I fucked her mouth with the same
intensity. After some time of rapid hammering, my balls were aching
for release. With one last deep thrust I came, firing load after load
of cum down her throat, keeping my dick in there till every last drop
of cum was released. I untied her, peeked out the door, and seeing
nobody was there calmly walked back to my berth. Maybe she was
thinking that it was over, but I would have another go at it tomorrow,
but then tomorrow's another day, right.
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